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If you are an ADI facing the prospects of  a DVSA Standards Check, either as a newly qualified ADI or a long established ADI who would perhaps like to update your teaching methods then please read on.

Newly Qualified ADI's and the DVSA Standards Check

The first DVSA Check Test for a newly qualified ADI can be a daunting prospect. Although if approached properly armed with an up to date insight into what the DVSA Standards Check requirements are, then the new ADI can not only get through the experience successfully, but afterwards expect to enjoy greater job satisfaction, knowing that his or her performance is 'up to standard'. This can result in better instructor performance and subsequently, greater income and job security.

Experienced ADI's and the DVSA Standards Check

Although experience brings with it the confidence that we have met most common situations before, we often get comfortable in the job using the methods that have got us through over time. Before long if we are not careful we can tend to get stale, using outdated methods and worn out teaching practices that are not up to the present demands of the job.
This is very often the problem when an experienced ADI is asked to present him or herself for a DVSA Standards Check.  It therefore makes sense to  have your instructional skills checked out and updated before your next DVSA Standards Check.

Standards Check Training with one of our Grade 'A' Ordit qualified trainers can help give a fresh approach to an ADI's performance, resulting in greater confidence when faced with the DVSA Check Test and, as with the newly qualified ADI, greater job satisfaction and increased income. In other words a much more rewarding career overall. 

What we have to offer

Here at the Castle Hill School of Motoring/ADI Training, we offer DVSA Check Test Training and Refresher Courses to suit the needs of the individual ADI. Training usually commences with a one to one discussion about the current standards required to obtain a high grade at the  Standards Check. This is followed by an observed lesson in the style of the DVSA Standards Check, in the instructors own vehicle with a known pupil if possible.
 All training that follows will be structured to suit the needs of the individual ADI, terminating with a final assessment and written report being given on completion.

For further information on Check Test Training or advice on any other course we offer, please telephone 07710 540375 or e-mail Steve Swinton Ordit Registered Driving Instructor trainer via the following link.

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